Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Ideas

With the upcoming holidays, birthdays, and any other reason we can find to give gifts to show how much we care, I decided to share some items that could make your loved ones feel special. The great thing about these items, in addition to the beauty or humor aspect, is that many of them are also practical. Can't beat that combination.

And a few of my own creations...
P-51 sculpture photosculpture
P-51 sculpture by VisualJourney
Make your own 3D photo cut outs on

And a couple of my sister's creations.

Have a Wonderful holiday season!!!


  1. Great selection! The photographs are great!
    The 3d cutout of the planes would be really cool!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    You have a great blog! Your photography is very sensual; even the way you captured the blue angels; and my favorite creation is the ipad cover--how clever.
    I'm an educator from Fort Myers and a mixed media artist and photographer (with a fixation on windows and doors..ya, weird.)I also write and do so reflectively on one blog and place poetry alongside my pics of windows and doors...I hope you'll check mine out and become a follower! I just signed up for yours and I'll be sure to direct people to your blog; great gift that Ipad cover and mug! Best to you! Pam