Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plane Crazy

We went to an airshow this past weekend and I wanted to share the photos with everyone.  Who doesn't love an airshow?!  For those who are crazy about military aircraft, it was the perfect afternoon.  If you simply like seeing pilots with nerves of steel making their airplanes do incredible and seemingly impossible things...awesome!

I won't be selling these photos on our website but still wanted to share them.  Hmmm  Perhaps I'll add them to our gallery of free wallpaper downloads.

Anyway, back to the airshow, there was an amazing demo by the Blue Angels, a truly awesome demo of an F-22, there were P-51s, an F-16.....


  1. Great show. Beautiful photographs.

  2. i live near an air base and get to watch those tough, young daredevils learn to fly over daily. my prayers are with them. i always feel protected when they're out doing their airforce brat :)