Friday, December 31, 2010

Hiking at Tyler State Park

Due to a family medical emergency I recently found myself making the two hour drive to Tyler, Texas several days in a row. Tyler is known for its roses but I didn't realize the tremendous beauty of that area. On the approach to Tyler hills get hillier, tall pines and numerous other types of trees pop out of every bit of soil, lovely farms and ranches spread out to the horizon.  We decided a hiking trip was in order. Once the dust settled from the emergency, my son and I made an early morning drive to Tyler State Park. It was still dark when we arrived and we spent the next several hours hiking through the woods, over the hilly terrain, over the soft ground blanketed in colorful oak leaves, and surrounded by tall pine trees. We were all alone except for a heron, and egret, an adorable bobcat that I wish I had been able to photograph, a few deer, and an incredible number of song birds. There was a light rain off and on all day and it was pretty chilly since it was the 24th of December, but it was a perfect, peaceful, beautiful day. *sigh* We plan on returning to the park again for future hikes so we can see the beauty of the different seasons.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this beautiful state park and I wish you all a Wonderful New Year!!!


  1. What GORGEOUS photos!! I think I'm going to enjoy following your blog :) Thanks for following mine!

  2. Beautiful photography=) I enjoy photography as well, & hardly go anywhere without my camera lol I enjoyed looking at your pictures=)