Thursday, April 22, 2010

Appreciating Every Moment

It's been a while since my last post.  We've been out hiking and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  We just celebrated my son's 18th birthday, so I'm enjoying every opportunity to do fun things together before major life changes send him out into the world.  These are precious times and I'm so thankful to have this time with him.

I've also been experimenting with the camera in my new cell phone - a Motorola CLIQ XT.  Obviously the photos it takes aren't large enough images to sell, but it's great for preserving the memories and moments that otherwise might slip away.  Here are some of the images from our hike at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary this week.  Pretty nice photos for a 5mp camera.

This is an important and sad time at the Heard - the North Texas Municipal Water District is putting a sewer line through this beautiful place.  They began work on the line with no warning to the museum.  When the work was discovered, employees and volunteers rushed to save plants that would be pushed aside and destroyed by the work.  The Heard is a 289 acre sanctuary with wetlands, old growth's a beautiful and amazing wonderland in an area where this type of paradise is shrinking daily.  This Earth Day, there is a peaceful demonstration at the sanctuary against the sewage line, which has been made necessary due to the extensive housing developments that have been built in the area.  *sigh* Progress...not.

Daily I am reminded how precious each moment is and how very lucky we are to have family, friends, and beautiful places.  Enjoy them to the fullest because life doesn't stand still and tomorrow could be very different.  Hug your loved ones...and hug a tree too while you're at it. :)


  1. Nice pictures. Can't believe they're from your cell! Happy Earth Day.

  2. I agree... totally surprised those are from a cell. Great tree pics!

  3. Thank you for your comments! The camera really surprised me with its high quality.

    An update on the sewage line at the sanctuary: of the five main habitats at the Heard (black land prairie, wetlands, bottomland forest, upland forest and white rock escarpment) the pipe will run through the prairie and wetlands. Crews have already begun boring under the wetlands and have bulldozed part of the path through the prairie. The crew casually killed a non-venomous snake that was an inhabitant of the prairie and yet the water district claims to be "conscious of environmental impact". Looks like that doesn't mean they care, only that they are aware of the damage they are doing. :( Sorry to be a downer today.

  4. great pic's. saw you blog on Etsy forums and I'm following now. Just like I said I would. Hope you can stop by mine and do the same.

    be back soon-

  5. Bummer about the sewage line, where is Hayduke when you need him?

    Yes, enjoy the time with your son, mine turned twenty and he lives in China! TF

  6. wonderful post & photos. as i get older i see how amazing time spent with my mom is - i am sure he appreciates it as well :D

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  8. This is great. Thanks for sharing.