Thursday, December 6, 2012

Electronics Cases Make Great Gifts

Just a quick post to list a few gift ideas from my Zazzle shop.  These cell phone, laptop, or tablet cases from Zazzle will make great gifts.  You may even want to get one for yourself.  These are just a few of the cases available.

This little screech owl will keep an eye on your device. This case is for a Samsung Galaxy S3, but as with most of the cases, it can be customized to fit other phones, including iPhone 5.

Protect a wide variety of laptops with this neoprene sleeve printed with an abstract photo of flames in a bonfire.

This Kindle case features a photo of downtown Dallas, Texas on one side and an altered version on the other. The tweaked version has been given a more primitive, painted look.

I hope to get back to regular, more informative posts soon. Stay tuned.  I wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Season!

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